Who runs the charity?

The wills of the founders each provided for 10 to 12 honest men of the town to run their charities, and when their number was reduced by death or infirmity to two, for the survivors to appoint another 10 to 12. In case anyone is worried, men includes women! The two sets of trustees merged in 1827. This has proved to be a robust way to run things over the centuries, the trustees being able to concentrate on the charitable purposes answering only to the Charity Commission, where our registered number is 213831. The trustees have a part-time secretary.

Where does the money come from?

our leicester street propertyHenry Storer endowed his charity with four cottages in Leicester Street, land at Frisby, and cash with which his first trustees bought land at Nether Broughton. The charity rebuilt the cottages around 1800, and these are now the restaurant on the corner of Park Lane and the first two shops down Leicester Street. Around 1900 further buildings were put up down the gardens and in Park Lane and Fox Yard, and latterly the trustees sold the Broughton land and bought the old Fox Inn and converted the upstairs into four flats. A small parcel of building land at Frisby was sold in the 1980s and the proceeds invested in 40 acres at Stathern and a paddock at Wysall. All this property is let to provide the charity's income.

In addition we have specific investments in the Charities Official Investment Fund, but no longer any government stock.

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