The Almshouses

These stand opposite St Mary's Church in Burton Street. There are eight of them. Four are flats within the original stone building on the streetside. Two are cottages, which with two further flats are contained in a Georgian brick-built range behind. The two ranges face a college-style court or garden. The principal access is through a carriage arch and gateway between the two shops just to the south on Burton Street.

Who may apply for an almshouse?

the garden frontageRobert Hudson's test was that you had to be an old man in Melton Mowbray with little or no money. He defined old as 50 or over. The trustees will take applications from anyone, male, female, or undecided, born or living or with settled connections to Melton, aged at least 50. Applications can be for singles or married couples. Residents are not normally allowed to keep any motor vehicle on site.

What is the rent?
There is no rent. Residents pay a maintenance charge towards the cost of maintaining the building and the garden and courtyard. They also pay for electricity and council tax. Water is included in the maintenance charge. Residents are appointed to live in a flat or cottage at the trustees' pleasure. Residents can expect to stay for as long as they are able to look after themselves, but a surviving member of a couple might be moved to a smaller flat. Part of the maintenance charge is eligible for Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. Very roughly the maintenance charge comes to half of a market rent.


How do I apply?

Use our Contact page or write to the Secretary, Hudson's & Storer's Charities, County Chambers, Kings Road, Melton Mowbray LE13 1QF, explaining your circumstances.

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